• Image of Personal Tarot Reading

Whether you always wanted to have a reading but find yourself unclear on how tarot cards or divination actually works,
OR you have had a reading in the past and you wish to learn more or try a different door to enter.

The Bone Witch is practiced in intuitive divination.

These Ancient practices are tools here to aid you in finding the answers to the questions you seek.
There will be an in depth personalized explanation of the Magic and Science behind these tools before each reading!

Options for readings include...

*Past, Present, Future.
*Find your spirit animal.
*Learn your spirit animal totem.
*Tarot reading for the whole year.
*Birthday and Fortune readings.
*Numerology and Tarot, find the card in the deck that shares numbers with you.

Tarot readings:

13 different decks to choose from:
Aquarian tarot
The Faeries Oracle
Arthur Waite
Sacred Path
and more!

(If you don't know what deck you'd like to speak with, don't worry! You can use your own intuition and choose from an array of silks that will guide you to the right deck for you)

There will be an in depth explanation of the magic and science behind these tools before each reading!

Let your intuition be your guide and which ever you choose you will be right for you!

The Bone Witch can send you, your reading in type form (With photos of your cards) via email, or live through "Skype", "whats App" or other online chat platforms.