• Image of Divine Custom Design
  • Image of Divine Custom Design

Adorn your creature self.
One of a kind
Created just for the beautiful individual creature that is yourself!

The leather color (If non leather is preferred other options available),
Goat horns, Deer Antlers, Cow horns, Fabricated from other materials (I.e. other natural elements such as plants bones or skulls)
Crystal, minerals and gems,
Chains and pearls anything extra that suits your Divine tastes!

Hand made from all ethically sourced recycled materials.
{Unisex - Adjustable head strap - one size fits most}
(Size small shown in photos)
Guided by a intuitive creation process brought to new life by The Bone Witch

Photo by: TheBoneWitch
Muse and Dress: Arielle Rose :Instagram: @Cirkuswaggon42 Cirkuswaggon.com

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